BEYOND BLIND is a revolutionary new concept in charities for the blind…

Beyond Blind Buddy

It is our goal to do more than help people suffering with blindness to merely exist or simply get through the day. It is our mission to offer the blind and visually impaired a quality of life that has previously been out of reach; bringing them dignity and a far greater purpose than before. (Learn more about all of our awesome programs here).

By becoming a Buddy Partner, you are directly impacting the lives of individuals in the Palm Beach County area helping BEYOND BLIND grow so (TOGETHER) we can transform the lives of the blind nationally and internationally. Many of our members lost their sight suddenly- a LIFE ALTERING CHANGE and, sadly, most often completely isolated AND LONELY!

One can never know when tragedy may strike in our lives or the lives of those we love. We are deeply grateful to each and every Buddy Partner (WHO JOINS US IN LEADING THE BLIND ON A JOURNEY TO A FAR MORE REWARDING LIFE OF DIGNITY AND FULFILLING PURPOSE!)


Watch as two of our members go SKYDIVING for the first time AS THEY BOTH CELEBRATE THEIR BIRTHDAYS! Just a little taste of the life BEYOND BLIND envisions for the blind…

Their story… In 2011, Nicole Ledbetter became one of the first members of BBI. Nicole at the age of 27 in 2010 had a gran mal seizure which led to brain surgery to remove a frontal lobe tumor, which rendered her completely blind. She was an artist and a mother of 2 young daughters.

And in 2013, John Crossley became a BBI member in 2013. John was 27 years old in 2010 suffered a pulmonary embolism which rendered him completely blind. Both individuals were also born in April, April 3rd and 4th. We celebrated their empowerment through BBI – as they celebrated their birthday on April 2nd 2016 with their skydive jump. They celebrated their 33rd birthdays by taking a plane as high the sky could bring them to celebrate their success in life and triumphing over blindness.

This celebrated jump is a testimony to what Beyond Blind does for these individuals who were previously living in fear and isolated from the world by their affliction. Beyond Blind has a mission to give a real, vibrant future back to those who had something as precious as their eye sight so tragically taken from them. Living full of hope and power.