Help Break Through the Bondage of Blindness

“Please build the Beyond Blind Institute for us”, is what we hear from blind individuals everyday who want to be members of our innovative and empowering Institute.  The desire of each member is to receive the new and exciting programs we provide to release them from their darkened world of blindness.

In order to implement our unique programs for the blind, our ultimate goal is to build the Beyond Blind Institute to incorporate each program located in Northern Palm Beach County.  We greatly need your financial support to reach our ultimate goal which will provide the most state-of-the-art facility to house innovative, aggressive programs for the blind and visually impaired. Our permanent facility will take approximately 24 months for completion.

Contributions keep our programs running!  Our menu of wonderful programs include “Sightless Chef,” “Bodies Beyond Blindness,” “Brushes of Blindness,” “A Blind Shot,” “Blind Anglers,” with the hope of providing more programs in the future.

Click Here to Contribute and Become a Buddy for the Blind

At this time, each of our programs will only be available at donated facilities.  Although we greatly appreciate all of our sponsors who support our mission and who have donated their facilities and volunteers, we are ready and waiting for the Beyond Blind Institute to be built.

While these programs and sites provide wonderful opportunities for our members, it is logistically difficult and expensive for each BBI member to take Palm Tran bus service to the various locations at different times to participate in our programs.

As we provide more programs it becomes an increasing challenge and difficulty for our blind and low vision members to travel from place to place to take advantage of theses programs.  With a facility especially designed and built for BBI, our members will be able to enjoy many of the benefits sighted people take for granted every day.