The Beyond Blind Institute Inc. is a non-profit innovative organization that will empower and restore the shattered lives of hundreds of visually impaired and blind men and women, Body, Mind and Soul. Our unique programs are designed to re-cultivate each individual’s strengths and talents that have been left behind due to blindness.With your help, we at BBI can make miracles happen by turning tragedy into triumph by bringing in-sight back to the blind.
Our Health, Wellness and Educational Institute Offers:

“Bodies Beyond Blindness” – A fitness program which consists of exercise and weight training, spin cycling, cardio, and yoga classes. We also offer Nutritional Counseling. This program is in partnership with Loggerhead Fitness, 901 Donald Ross Rd, Juno Beach, FL 33408. Class times are every Wednesday and Friday 1:00 – 3:30pm.

“Sightless Chef” Culinary Program –  sponsored by Whole Foods Market located at Downtown at the Gardens, 1107 Victoria Gardens, Palm Beach Gardens, FL  33410. These 3 hour classes meet twice per month and teach our members how to prepare nutritional meals to maintain a healthy lifestyle. From this program we have developed the Sightless Chef Select Fundraising Team which includes a select talented group of BBI members with advanced culinary skills who work in combination with chefs from the American Culinary Federation, Lincoln Culinary School and Jeff Sims, Executive Chef from the Breakers. This Chef Select Team provides an income to the individual. We meet from 11:30am to 2:00pm, the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Beyond Blind & Whole Foods Market Partnership  In 2011 Beyond Blind created an extraordinary one-of-a-kind culinary program for the blind with Whole Foods Market in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  Since 2011 Whole Foods Market has been the catalyst to the success of the “Sightless Chef” program by contributing high quality food products and providing the culinary studio facility for each culinary class on an ongoing basis.  The “Sightless Chef” class has provided each Beyond Blind member the opportunity to experience high level culinary instruction to prepare nutritious meals and compete in Beyond Blind culinary cook-off competitions.  Beyond Blind regards the “Sightles Chef” program with Whole Foods Market as one of our organization’s most valued partnerships.

Beyond Blind & Cheney Brothers Partnership  The Beyond Blind “Sightless Chef” culinary program has been supported by Cheney Brothers, the nationally renowned food supplier since 2011.  Cheney Brothers has provided culinary tools and equipment, chefs, and food products for Beyond Blind special events.  With the support of Cheney Brothers our Beyond Blind members have been able to experience a valuable education in the culinary industry.  The continuous support from the Cheney Brothers Corporation is an asset to the current and future success of the “Sightless Chef” program.  Our organization is honored to have the support of Cheney Brothers as a valued partner.

PGA South Florida Section logo“A Blind Shot” Golf Program –  Classes are taught at The First Tee located at 7301 N Haverhill Rd, in West Palm Beach, FL by PGA Master Professional Golf Instructors. This program showcases the abilities of legally blind members and how they will remain relevant in the work force, continue to lead active lifestyles, and remain involved in all their family and social relationships. We meet from 9:00 to 11:00am every Thursday.

Beyond Blind & First Tee Partnership  The Beyond Blind “Blind Shot” golf program has partnered with the Jack Nicklaus First Tee golf course in West Palm Beach, Florida.  This innovative golf program for the blind meets on a weekly basis and allows our blind golfers to experience the best professional golf instruction from highly qualified PGA instructors at the First Tee.  This extraordinary program provided by the First Tee gives an opportunity for our blind members to enjoy a sport that is even a challenge to the sighted world.  Many thanks to Jack Nicklaus and his staff at the First Tee for our strong partnership in the game of golf for the blind.

“Blind Anglers” – Go deep sea fishing for half a day with our blind anglers where you will go out to sea on a private charter boat and receive professional photos, lunch and more. Learn more on how to become a sponsor »

Our future goals include the programs listed below:

“Dancing Out of Darkness” program offers the therapeutic art of dance instructions for the blind and visually impaired. Social program: dates and times vary.

“Brighter Days Life Center” program is a counseling service for blind and visually impaired men and women and their immediate family members to acclimate to a new, empowering and brighter future together. Once a month.

“Beauty Beyond Blindness” program is a full service salon for women and men.

“Miracle of Music” program offers a musical arts center for visually impaired and blind individuals including instrumental instructions. 

“The Computer Trainer” program offers advanced technology and computer training for the blind to help secure them a position in today’s ever demanding society.

“Advanced Low-Visual Aid Eye Center” offers advanced low-vision aid devices available to help empower each individual whether it be for a career opportunity or to pursue their individual dreams or goals.