Joyce Gugel has successfully overcome the obstacles of being legally blind for several years, and is a powerful Joyce Gugel, Founderadvocate for the blind and visually impaired individuals of our nation. Joyce’s many accomplishments in corporate America include success as the CEO of Gugel Enterprise, Inc, an international product development, marketing and media firm.

She has appeared on QVC, Home Shopping Network, CBS This Morning, and the CBS South Florida Business Report. On an international business trip to Israel, Joyce participated in the Florida Atlantic University/Israel Women’s Business Conference, where she represented new product development between the United States and Israel. At a previous International Trade Conference held in South Florida, Joyce was invited to join Senator Katherine Harris as keynote speakers. Her vast array of careers include new product developer, copyright and patent consultant, marketing and media director, acting teacher associated with the Burt Reynolds Theater, owner of Glamour Plus Fashion Show Company, beauty consultant for Lancôme Cosmetics, Interior Designer, a finalist in the Mrs. Florida Pageant, and was the BBI Radio Talk Show Host. She is also a member of the National Association of Professional Women, and a member of the National Federation of the Blind and the Division of Blind Services.

Her experience and accomplishments position her well as the President of Beyond Blind Institute. She has successfully conquered incredible challenges associated with her devastating rare congenital eye disease known as Stargardt’s, which has rendered her legally blind.

It is her omnipresent attitude and indomitable spirit which serve as the launching pad to this inspirational Institute and the goal to expand it nationwide. Mrs. Gugel and the Board of Directors plan to expand BBI with the construction of an innovative institute that will address the needs of every visually impaired man and woman.