I’m Playing Golf!!! You are?
Reflections by Mort Wexler

I am totally blind. I used to play golf, that is, until I lost my sight. Now, I am writing this article to let you know that I even have the ability to play golf without seeing!

It has been very difficult for me to “make lemonade” from the lemons the universe has given me. From 1992 until 2012 I sat in my chair lamenting my condition. I was a couch potato who was sitting around remembering a life full of things I could no longer do. When I discovered and joined BBI, I realized that I had a choice. I could become a hermit and complain about how the world had cheated me, or I could get back to living. This was my opportunity, and I grabbed it! It was the answer to a prayer.

In Beyond Blind Institute (BBI), I discovered that there was someone who cared and somewhere I could go to, once again, join life and be treated like a contributing member of society. In Beyond Blind, I was valued, and I discovered that I could do whatever I set my mind to. I was learning to be a chef, an artist (I painted two landscapes and even sold one!), and I began working out at the gym. Now, believe it or not, I am playing golf. I am being taught by a master and I am assisted by a pro. I am no longer a couch potato and I can now do things I couldn’t do when I could see! It is truly a miracle!

If you are amazed and surprised that I and my sightless friends are golfing, please do whatever you can to keep this wonderful program alive. It has brought love and light into the lives of many, and I know it can continue to help so many find value in their life once again. The amount of monetary help needed is so small compared to the good this program can do.

I used to dream of things that would happen when I could see again, but now I can do what seemed impossible for me. I can be a blind golfer. I used to do the ‘blind shuffle’ when I walked, but because of this program, I now step out with pride and positivity.

Please help! You can make a huge difference in lives of so many.


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